I’m pleased to announce that in 2025 I will be an artist-in-residence at Sculpture Space in New York. Founded in 1976, Sculpture Space was one of the first International Residency programs to focus on three-dimensional art forms, and hosts twenty fully funded artist residencies every year. 
I proposed that while in residency I would develop a new body of work based on my installation “Period” at Artist’s Television Access. This piece uses the imagery of geological strata to explore the legacy of our material waste and its relationship to a changing environment. I’m interested in further working with this form to explore some of the species that are thriving in our collapsing ecosystems, including jellyfish, bark beetles, and pigeons. I’ve envisioned pillar-like forms with castings that compress found objects and functioning electronics between colorful layers.

Sculpture Space is well equipped with studios, a Metal and Wood shop, digital tools, and plenty of floor space to work on large scale production. My plan is to prepare a lot of the moving parts in advance so I can focus on fabrication and assembly while there. I’ll be excited to meet and share my time there with the artists below, you can also visit the Sculpture Space website for more information and the full list of artists in 2025.

Kate Greatmochi Bea & Hyojung Bea
Charlotte  G. Chin Greene
Amy Hoagland
Bat-Ami Rivlin
LA Samuelson