I’m so thrilled to be recognized by the California Arts Council as a recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship in their inaugural year of 2021-22 at the “Established” level. The CAC awarded 182 grants in three categories, including to sixty-five emerging artists in California (defined as 4-10 years of professional practice). From the press release:

“The Individual Artist Fellowships support artists from a broad spectrum of artistic practices, backgrounds, geographies, and communities, whose work addresses themes such as race, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, consistent with the goals of the Council,” said Council Chair Lilia Gonzáles-Chávez of Fresno.

In my application, I wrote about my ongoing practice and all its investments: solo performance, collaborations, curatorial and educational work. At times I feel my practice is peripatetic and so honed in on in-person experience, its a joy to find that my interwoven disciplines are communicating and connecting to viewers. I’m grateful to the Arts Council for this crucial support and the panelists for their time and comments. 

In my award year I intend to develop two collaborative projects (the Nyctinastic Light Meter and a new work in progress, recreating an early 20th Century nature film), build on my curatorial collaboration with moira williams, and continue my investigation of early film and photo equipment with biological roots. The midterm elections are looming so I’m sure there will be an opportunity for 100 Days to get involved.

Also huge congrats to my Bay Area friends for their awards: Christy Chan, Juli Delgado Lopera, Marcel Pardo Ariza, and Johanna Poethig! Your work is an inspiration, and this community is such a gift.