Living Room Light Exchange
Co-curated with Surabhi Saraf
on Zoom
Tuesday, April 19, 2022
6pm PST / 9pm EST

“Life Touching Life” by Dakota Gearhart and Thea Quiray Tagle (Erina C. Alejo)

Join me and co-curator Surabhi Saraf for Living Room Light Exchange’s final episode of the season 8, featuring artist Dakota Gearhart and curator, writer and scholar Thea Quiray Tagle to discuss how art practices adapt to intersectional issues around environmentalism:

In the midst of the great fallout that is the 2020s, how do we move forward and form deeper connections between ourselves and the beings, animate and inanimate, around us? What buildings, structures, words, need to be unmade? What joy can be breathed into our future-thinking?

In this panel we will see new excerpts from Gearhart’s “Life Touching Life”, a web series about a speculative feminist interspecies future, as well as Tagle’s recent photographic and curatorial work around environmental racism and the role of spectacle in Filipino art and media. I’m joined in conversation with Surabhi Saraf, who has a new solo exhibition at Honor Fraser Gallery in LA. 

Tickets are donation-based (support LRLX! They are the best) and can be found at http://www.livingroomlightexchange.com/