“A Handbreadth Of Time”
Visiting Artist Lecture
Columbia College Chicago
Oct 7, 2020 4pm PST / 6pm CT
Livestreaming on YouTube

Next week I will visit with students at Columbia College’s MFA program and give a lecture on my recent work and research. This was going to be an in-person visit this last spring, so it is interesting seeing how six months has impacted both my work and my outlook. A short description of the talk is below. You can watch the lecture livestream on youTube.

Jeremiah Barber is a San Francisco based visual artist presenting on cameras as “chimeras”—audio-visual technology that intersects with nonhuman animals and plants. Recent sculptural works are interwoven with historical examples of multispecies collaborations, speculating what might happen should cameras expand rather than limit perspectives. Pigeons, jellyfish, and a plant that closes its leaves at night contribute to a reconsideration of human exceptionalism and how our perception of time has brought us to the brink of climate collapse.