Crip’d Ecologies: Unfurling Expanded Environments
Co-curated by moira williams and Jeremiah Barber
Root Division Gallery
San Francisco CA
Feb 1 - Mar 10, 2024
In 2019, moira williams and I met at an environmental-focused artist residency and held our first conversations around what ecologically-minded arts look like today. The discussion continued, unfolding over months and then years as we shared artist research, books, and sources of inspiration from the natural world. In time our ideas became an opportunity--why not use this momentum to create a shared platform for expanding environmentalism in the arts? moira identifies as a disabled artist and curator, and while I do not identify as disabled, we felt our strengths and interests could be a great resource, and since our project sought to increase accessibility within the arts, it was important that we approach the project from a perspective of openness, flexibility and play. “Crip’d Ecologies” is the result, a wide-ranging exhibition, performance and workshop series, with online, in person and hybrid components. An excerpt from our curatorial statement:

In our current moment with no shortage of grief and resistance, Crip’d Ecologies centers disabled artists across race, gender, class and disability, who are expanding ideas of environmentalism toward a more complex reflection of our feelings of trauma, fear, anger and desire. Crip strategies are dynamic, interdependent, and brilliant [...] offering new perspectives on landscapes that are personal, shared, participatory, hacked, and imagined.

Above: Jaklin Romine, Naomi Ortiz, and a free RISO print station

In 2022, we found an exhibition partner in Root Division, a space that I have a long history of working with, and were excited to be working with Executive Director Michelle Mansour. With Mansour’s support, we were recipients of a Project Grant from California Humanities for All, which broadened the initial offerings to add ASL, braille, and other wayfinding aspects to the in-person exhibition, more online accessible events, and a catalog of the program (which is in progress).

Participating artists include: