Site Responsive Biennale
Sep 22, 2019
I-Park International Artist Residency
Connecticut, USA

This fall I am thrilled to be an artist-in-residence at I-Park for the month of September, culminating in an opening exhibition on the 22nd. Along with eight other artists I will be creating work on site in the landscape. I have proposed a new piece in the Wilderness Film Studio series, which will be three large film cranes built from entire trees and counterbalanced by stones found on site. The cranes will each have a smartphone mount and be placed at vista points, allowing the viewer to attach their phone and capture swooping, cinematic views of the landscape. 

Other participating artists are:

Sally Kidall, Australia
Chelsea Leventhal, Germany
Anthony Heinz May, New York/Oregon
John Melvin, Washington/France
John Neeson, Australia
Sasha Petrenko, Washington
Elena Redaelli, Norway/Italy
moira williams, New York

Following the residency, the works will remain on site as park of a public sculpture garden that is open to the public for regular visitation days. More information about the exhibition can be found here.