June 25 – September 10, 2017
Institute of Contemporary Art
San Jose, CA

Opening Reception Sunday, June 25
Members Preview: 1 – 2 PM
Public Reception: 2 – 4 PM

This summer curators Kevin Chen, Lordy Rodriguez, and Lisa Ellsworth present Detritus, an exhibition filled with the objects that artists can't seem to let go of. My contribution is a pattern for a replica of my head made for a performance that never happened. I have stacks of these patterns packed away, saved for some strange connection to their role in my process. This exhibition is the first time I've seen interest in these after-scraps, and I'm excited to see the other works (non works?) in the show.

Detritus includes work by Surabhi Saraf, Leah Rosenberg, Dana Hemenway, and Desiree Holman, among others. 

Statement from the curators:

"Detritus explores the leftover scraps and byproducts of the art-making process that artists do not discard for a number of compelling reasons. What is the significance of a wall marked by an accumulation of paint and fingerprints spanning a lifetime of studio work? What does a jar full of eraser shavings reveal about the studio practice of an artist who draws? Taking inspiration from the field of forensics, this exhibition examines the detritus from a multitude of Bay Area artists’ studios in order to shift the focus from art as commodity to the core value of art-making. "

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