Nyctinastic Light Meter
Modified light meter, 3D printed components, soil, nyctinastic plant, meter guide, and handmade artist book
Photos Kerim Harmanci

“In the process of producing this reality, many other realities, fields of knowledge, and ways of being have been discarded.” -Jack Halberstam

This project is a speculative design to investigate what has been lost in our effort for more efficient technology. The “Nyctinastic Light Meter” is a camera exposure meter that measures the presence or absence of sunlight based on the movement of a plant’s leaves. Nyctinasty means “night-pressed”—plants that open with the sun and close at night. One of the most expressive plants is mimosa pudica, commonly known as “sensitive plant”. 

The light meter is a modified Sekonic L-28c with a soil chamber and watering spout made in an edition of nine. In the next stage of this project photographers have been given nyctinastic lightmeters to grow them and use them in the field. Participating artists include: