Foraged Smartphone Tripod Mounts

Wood, stone, hardware, and 3D prints
Size varies (5”-13” in height)

This series of functional sculptures each contains materials foraged from two sites: sticks, stones and other organic material collected from the ground in northern California, combined with smartphone tripod mounts that are designed and posted for free on the internet. Both mount and base have standard 1/4” tripod mount threads, making them interchangeable, something of a 3D collage work.

This series revels in our desire to mount our phones to anything, and to use anything as a mount. The diversity and cleverness of the solutions found in both internet culture and evolution propel this series forward. Each of the smartphone mount designers is credited below, though most designs are altered before printing.

Featuring mounts by “3E8”, Arcade_Machine, DowntownCB, elvinyeung, franpoli, gilbras, HenryDIY, kcl_93, Kou825, MetaSeb, Michelez78, mirkoo, multitror, PHolzwarth, rupy, Spammington, and Steve5092.